Inktober Day 31

The final day of the challenge and I made it (insert proud, happy face), hallelujah. The majority of this challenge I had to work on late at night, coming home super tired and not wanting to do anything. . . so I get extra points (I’ll also take a cookie or two) for completing and sticking with the commitment I made to myself right?? I’m pretending you’re nodding your head in agreement and murmuring, “yes”. Right, back to the point of this post! I went and strayed completely from the list. I remembered there was a character I wanted to draw once I had seen the movie. That movie was Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 2022, specifically Scarlet Witch. While I wouldn’t say this movie was scary, it definitely had many creepy moments and elements. I definitely enjoyed doing this entry (though my pens and markers didn’t, since I all but killed them at this point), there are a few things I could have done differently, but overall I’m happy with the way it turned out. Maybe I might go back to this one using Procreate.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 2022. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 30

I’m practically at the end of the finish line, can’t believe I’ve been able to stick with the challenge daily. Today’s entry was spontaneous, as I hadn’t had this one on my list. I went with the film (also haven’t seen this movie), The Nun, 2018. The face was so interesting to me.

The Nun, 2018. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 29

Sometimes I don’t know how to leave well enough alone. Today’s entry was going pretty well, but then I just had to use this one marker that was drying out (only I didn’t know it), so I made it splotchy (insert me smacking my head). I was like: oh crap! The more I tried to fix it, the worse I made it. But I refused to toss it (though I was tempted), eventually, I smoothed out the ink the best I could. Anyway, getting to the point, I chose Candyman, 1992 for Day 29.

Candyman,1992. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 28

No ramblings today, I’m tired. Today’s entry is from the film A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984. Or more precisely, Freddy Krueger. This was another character that even though I wanted to draw, I was hesitant about because I wasn’t sure if I could do the melted, burned skin in a believable manner (like the previous entry, Pinhead). I think it came out pretty decent though.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 27

Hello, my name is Lisette and I’m addicted to books. I went to the library today and found fourteen books…I put away two, the rest I just had to have, they all looked so interesting haha. The first one I’m reading is a manga called “My Love Mix-Up!”, it was recommended, and I’m just a few pages in but it’s already having me laugh at the incident that occurred straight away in the book. So on to the main event, today’s entry is from the film Hellraiser, 1987. To be honest, I was avoiding drawing this character because I wasn’t sure I could do all the pins in his head in a believable manner. I enjoyed creating this character, all the details, and nuances in the face made for a fun puzzle for me to solve.

Hellraiser, 1987. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 26

I probably should have taken a break today (constructing a resume always makes me cranky), but I came this far so I made myself do an entry for today. I chose the film, The Thing, 1982 for day twenty-six. I’m not that crazy about how it turned out (probably because I’m still cranky) but at least I still took time to draw today.

The Thing, 1982. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 25

Even though I have a list I made for myself for this drawing challenge, I wasn’t really feeling like drawing from the little bit left on my list. So I strayed from the list and instead did a request, and I’m glad I did, I really enjoyed doing this drawing. I don’t know how many artists experience this (especially well-established artists), but there’s a stage I experience when my art is in an ugly stage. I’ll start thinking: man, I don’t know if this will turn out well. But I’ll continue blocking in shapes and so forth and then I see that I crossed the threshold of the ugly stage and then I’m thinking: yay, this actually looks like something!! I guess the point of that random-ish sidenote is that I’m starting to appreciate this stage and most importantly, I’m learning to appreciate the process of creating as a whole (mistakes and all). Even at the moment when I’m making a mistake and having to erase it over and over until I get something that looks more correct ( ie: proportions), I’m learning and problem-solving, and that in and of itself should be something to be proud of because I’m on the road to getting better in creating art. Enough rambling, day twenty-five’s entry is from the film, The Shining, 1980 (which, by the way, even though it’s been out forever, I finally didn’t see this movie until about a year ago).

The Shining, 1980. 12x12cm, Ink and marker.

Inktober Day 24

For once I had a good chunk of the day to do my challenge, but naturally, I procrastinated (I guess I couldn’t make up my mind on which character I wanted to do). After my meeting, I decided I should get started before it gets too late. I never saw this movie (I wasn’t alive when this came out and then I guess it flew under the radar for me once I came into existence), but my aunt told me about it recently saying it was freaky/scary. It’s on the list of horror movies to watch with her. Have I built adequate suspense?? Okay, good. I’m pretending you said yes. Today’s entry is the Tall Man from Phantasm, 1979.

Phantasm,1979. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.

Inktober Day 23

I won’t be rambling much today either, another long day and night, so I’ll get to the point. Today’s entry is from the movie, Carrie, 1976. I’m not sure if I went too far with the background. Is it too much? Or does it add to the overall theme? Maybe after some sleep, I might feel differently about it. One quick side note: Another thing that I think has been beneficial about using a smaller sketchbook for this challenge, it makes for some dynamic close-ups.

Carrie, 1976. 12x12cm, Ink, and markers.

Inktober Day 22

Today will be a short entry since it’s late and I have to wake up early tomorrow. I chose the Movie, It, the one from 1990. I feel like the Pennywise from the 2017 version gets redone on the regular, so I went old school. Fun fact about me: I genuinely do not like clowns (haha), they creep me out. . . I was creeped out doing this entry. Am I a masochist? Maybe.

It, 1990. 12x12cm, Ink and markers.